Motor cars today transforming to Electric vehicle are the most used transport vehicle conventionally common and comfortable to use. Lampchart lists the best of the Automobile Brands of combustion engine motor vehicles and electric vehicles; including vehicles from Tesla, Ford, General Motors, Volkswagon, Revian, Lucid, Mercedes, Hyiudai, Honda, Kia and various other bands with detailed description of cars models, specs, price, reviews and general insights.

Factors for choosing a car

Global energy crisis  with emerging state of inflation has made the choice of a vehicle to own become a concern of not just affordability. Convenience with using the vehicle also measures up. getting detail of various models of motor vehicles gives a buyer a better sense of direction for a better choice towards purpose of acquiring a vehicle.

Evolution of the automobile

Sedans, pick-up trucks, SUVs, Buses and large trucks are all going electric from the conventional fuel combustion system. we give a good understanding of how electric cars work, the various types and what battery and range means to a car owner’s choice.