Tesla Model 3 Features, Price and Specifications

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is a compact executive all-electric sedan car considered the cheapest on Tesla’s production lines; with 54-82kWh battery delivering an EPA-rated all electric range of 272 miles (438 km) to 358 miles (576 km) running on a single motor RWD and Dual motor AWD.

What to know about Tesla

Tesla Inc., a company established in Palo Alto, California, United States of America, is into the manufacture of electric vehicles, solar panels, battery energy storage, etc. Elon Musk, the present richest man in the world is the CEO of Tesla Inc., The name Tesla was gotten from the famous historic inventor, Nikolas Tesla.

Model 3 general features

The Tesla model 3 comes with features of a Compact executive car/Mid-size car/Entry-level Luxury car., it is a 4-door fastback sedan with a wheelbase of 113.2 in (2,875 mm)., 184.8 in (4,694 mm) long., 72.8 in (1,849 mm) wide and 56.8 in (1,443 mm) tall. The model 3 also come with the standard glass roof developed by Tesla Glass is made of the same glass used for Tesla’s roof tiles. The electric vehicle has a seating capacity of 5 and a cargo capacity of 15cu ft.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla Model 3 interior (front)
Tesla Model 3 interior (front)

The inside of the car is unlike any other car. You can use your smartphone as a key, and access all driver controls in the central 15-inch touchscreen. The all-glass roof extends from front to back, creating a sense of openness from every seat.

Tesla model 3 interior (rear seat)
Tesla model 3 interior (rear seat)

Tesla Model 3 Engine, Transmission and Performance.

The car comes with a Permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor as its engine in a Rear-motor, rear-wheel drive and a Dual-motor all-wheel drive configurations., model 3 transmission is of a 1-speed fixed gear 9:1 ratio. how electric works is exhibited fully in all tesla vehicles.

model 3 performance

In its quickest acceleration, Model 3 comes with the option of dual motor all-wheel drive, 20” Überturbine Wheels and Performance Brakes for total control in all weather conditions. A carbon fiber spoiler improves stability at high speeds, all allowing it to accelerate from 0-60 mph* in as little as 3.1 seconds and run to top speed of 162mph.

Tesla model 3 has a 5-Star safety rating and have a drag coefficient of C =0.23. This is lower than the Tesla Model S drag coefficient of C =0.24, which, in 2014, was the lowest among the production cars of the time.

tesla model 3 architectural structure

The auto pilot comes with a 360° Rear, side and forward-facing cameras that provide maximum visibility. 250m Powerful visual processing at up to 250 meters of range. Ultrasonic
Sensors Detects nearby cars, prevents potential collisions and assists with parking


One of the impressive and outstanding innovations of Tesla cars is that you don’t have to spend a dime on gas or petrol to power. Tesla cars are powered by electricity or solar; this provides a cleaner source of generating energy and having a sustainable environment; since poisonous gases are not released into the atmosphere.

Tesla Model 3 Battery life

When production began in 2017, the base Model 3 was announced to have a 50-kWh battery with a range of about 220 miles (350 km) while the optional 75-kWh battery would have a range of about 310 miles (500 km). Tesla did not produce base Model 3s in 2017 or 2018. The battery uses 2170-size lithium-ion cells. The battery is carefully designed and placed underneath the floor of the car gives a low centre of gravity and evenly distributes its weight on every corner of the car.

The 350-volt (nominal, 400v max) battery packs are made of four longitudinal modules each containing the groups (bricks). The Standard Range version carries 2,976 cells arranged in 96 groups of 31. The Long Range version carries 4,416 cells arranged in 96 groups of 46, and weighs 1,060 pounds (480 kg) in a 0.40 m³ volume; a density of 150 Wh/kg. The car’s onboard AC/DC converter is 11 kW. In Europe this requires Three-phase electric power, otherwise single-phase power is 7.4 kW.

Tesla continues to improve the design of the 2170 battery cell and introduces incremental improvements into the manufacturing line periodically. Improved battery cell design was needed to further reduce battery costs as Tesla was planning to begin to deliver the Model 3 Standard Range for the promised base price of US$35,000.

Today, the four Tesla model 3 battery packs and range include; 54, 62, 75 or 82 kWh (190, 220, 270 or 300 MJ) lithium ion running range of 220 miles (354 km), 262 miles (422 km), 353 miles (568 km) and 313 miles (504 km) on full charge.

Tesla Model 3 Charging

Model 3 is fully electric, so you never need to visit a gas station again. If you charge overnight at home, you can wake up to a full battery every morning. And when you’re on the road, it’s easy to plug in along the way at any public station or with the Tesla charging network. There are currently over 30,000 Superchargers worldwide, with six new locations opening every week. A supercharger recharges up to 175miles in 15minutes.

Tesla Model 3 Charging pot
Tesla Model 3 Charging pot

Tesla cars come with cables to enable you to charge your car. You can charge anywhere, whether at the home, workplace or at public places. However, according to Tesla, charging at home or the workplace is recommended. To charge the Tesla Model 3, Tesla provides A Tesla Wall Connector with a cable length of either 8.5’ or 24’.

Tesla Model 3 Price

The Model 3 RWD has a starting MSRP of $44,990; Tesla Model 3 Long Range retailing for $50,990, it gains a larger 75-kWh battery pack and dual-motor all-wheel drive. It also has a 48-amp onboard charger; finally the Tesla Model 3 Performance starts at $58,990.

Though Tesla Inc. electric vehicles have no dealership at the moment; they can be ordered directly from Tesla to be shipped down to various locations across the world. This is one of the brilliant initiatives of Tesla Inc., allowing customers to buy directly from the company. The Tesla Model 3 has three models;

  • Tesla Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range
  • Tesla Model 3 Performance

Be aware that Tesla updates their vehicles on an ongoing basis rather than by model year. hence this results in an update of the features of the car which can affect the prices.

Early October 2023, Tesla cut its Model 3 and Y prices. Moreover, the automaker also introduced a new entry-level Model Y, likely featuring the firm’s LFP battery pack. The 2023 Tesla Model 3 now starts at $40,380. The vehicle powered by rear-mounted motor and offer a 272 miles of range, per the EPA. But buyers can now elect for an all-time low lease price.

Following these price drops, Tesla has just introduced lower lease prices to account for the reductions. The Model 3 RWD’s lease price is $349 a month for 36 months with $4,500 down. This lease price encompasses 10,000 miles on an annual basis. Effectively, it will cost $18,154 to lease the sedan for three years. On top of the lease price, Tesla charges a $695 acquisition fee and a $395 disposition fee at the end (factored in the estimated lease price).

Instead of rolling out updates by model year like other automakers. Tesla releases over the-air software updates to improve parts of its vehicles, such as features and electric range. However, we can make some approximations. For 2022, Tesla renames the Standard Range model to Rear-Wheel Drive. giving it a lithium-ion battery pack in place of a nickel-cobalt battery, boosting range from 263 miles to 272 miles. The Long Range also saw its range boosted by 5 miles

History and production locations

Tesla model 3 is produced and assembled in the United States at Fremont; California (Tesla Factory) and in China at Shanghai (Gigafactory 3)

Tesla model 3 angular rear
Tesla model 3 angular rear

Limited production of the Model 3 began in mid-2017; with the first production vehicle rolling off the assembly line on July 7, 2017. The official launch and delivery of the first 30 cars took place on July 28.

The car was codenamed Tesla “BlueStar” in the original business plan in 2007. An intended name of “Model E” was not used owing to Ford’s trademark for an electric vehicle expected to be released by Ford in early 2019. Model 3, originally stylized as “Model ☰”, was announced on Musk’s Twitter account on July 16, 2014. A 2015-presentation by JB Straubel used the name “Model III”. As of 2016 Musk had wanted the three models to spell SEX, but settled for “S3X”. In early 2017, after trademark opposition regarding Adidas’s three stripes logo, the triplicate horizontal-bar stylization was abandoned and changed to a numeric “3”.


The Model 3 has been the world’s best selling plug-in electric car for three years in a row (2018 to 2020)

Safety is the most important part of every Tesla. The cars are designed to exceed safety standards. 5-Star Rating Model 3 achieved NHTSA 5-star safety ratings in every category and subcategory. Top Safety Pick+ Model 3 received the IIHS Top Safety Pick+ award, with top ratings in all crashworthiness and front crash prevention categories.

Refreshed Model 3 is available for review at some Tesla stores in China. So far, the reviews are pretty positive. Many say it looks better in person than in pictures. Build quality has noticeable improvements. Interior materials look and feel premium. Cabin noises are minimized by all double-pane windows & better insulation. Back row bench seat is extended giving leg better support & has better cushion than driver seat. Back seat used to receive most complaints by reviewers. New Model 3 has that taken care of.

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