Tesla Model X; Specifications, features and price

The Tesla Model X is a battery electric mid-size luxury crossover SUV built by Tesla, Inc. since 2015. Developed from the full-sized sedan platform of the Tesla Model S, the vehicle notably uses falcon wing doors for passenger access.

Model X is built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, with a high-strength architecture and floor-mounted battery pack that enable exceptional occupant protection and low rollover risk. Every Model X includes Tesla’s latest active safety features, such as Automatic Emergency Braking, at no extra cost.

The Model X has an EPA size class as an SUV, and shares around 30 percent of its content with the Model S, half of the originally planned 60 percent, and weighs about 10 percent more. Both the Model X and Model S are produced at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, California. The prototype was unveiled at Tesla’s design studios in Hawthorne, California on February 9, 2012. First deliveries of the Model X began in September 2015. After one full year on the market, in 2016, the Model X ranked seventh among the world’s best-selling plug-in cars. A refresh of the Tesla Model X was introduced in 2021, offering a new “Plaid” performance model, along with a revised interior, powertrain, and suspension.

As of September 2023, the Model X is available as a Long-Range version with an estimated EPA range of 348 miles (560 km) and a high performance “Plaid” version with an estimated EPA range of 333 miles (536 km).



      Acceleration       3.8 s 0-60 mph
     Top Speed       155 mph
     Drag Coefficient       0.24 Cd
     Weight       5,148 lbs
     Powertrain      Dual Motor
     Supercharging Max      250 kW
     Battery Capacity      100 kWh
     Driving Range      523km
     Seating Capacity      5 Seats
     Power     670 hp



Tesla Model X provides an all new interior to customers while maintaining its unique Falcon-Wing doors. The Model X has also adapted a glass panoramic roof from the Model Y, offering ultraviolet and infrared protection for passengers.

The Model X is the only Tesla to come with a tow hitch standard, capable of hauling up to 5,000 lbs. The smaller Model Y is also available with a tow hitch, but it requires an additional fee.

Both the Model X and Model Y are the only current Teslas available with seating for up to seven people.

Furthermore, the Model X now comes with other features that debuted on the Model Y such as Tesla’s heat pump and a chrome delete exterior.

In August of 2021, Tesla subtly updated the Model X on its website with new darker wheels.

Tesla Model X
Interior of Tesla Model X



Tesla’s all-electric powertrain delivers unparalleled performance in all weather conditions — with dual motor all-wheel drive, instant traction and torque control and ludicrous acceleration.


Model X can get you anywhere you want to go — with industry-leading range and convenient charging options, all over the world. Model X charges up to 80% in 40 minutes on a Tesla Supercharger.


Model X is the first SUV to achieve a NHTSA 5-star safety rating in every category and subcategory, the lowest rollover risk of any SUV on the road and incredible side impact protection.
Every Model X comes standard with the most advanced active safety features like side collision warning and emergency braking.


Model X has the most storage room of any SUV in its class, comfortable seating for up to seven adults and the capability to tow up to 5,000 pounds (2300kg). Falcon Wing doors are equipped with sensors to monitor the proximity of surroundings, and can open in even the tightest parking spaces.


Model X is built to provide the most convenient interior experience ever — with best in class storage, seating for up to seven adults and an expansive 17-inch touchscreen. A seven-seat configuration option comes standard with fold-flat seats for maximum cargo space. In addition it has the largest all glass panoramic windshield in production, with optimized solar tinting.


Model X is designed to improve over time with regular software updates, introducing new features, functionality, and performance.


Model X is built for efficiency — with an uncompromised design, allowing for industry-leading range, performance and utility. A spoiler provides incredible aerodynamics and the lowest drag coefficient of any vehicle in its class.



Price before incentives and savings is $79,990, excluding taxes and fees.  Tesla  recently increased the price of its Model X Plaid all-wheel drive to $94,990 from $89,990 in the United States.

This comes a day after CEO Elon Musk said Tesla had managed to maintain demand with a series of price cuts but added he was concerned that rising interest rates would make cars unaffordable.


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