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Zero Motorcycles Inc is an American company that produces electric motorcycles. It was established in Santa Cruz, California, in 2006 by Neal Saiki, a former NASA engineer, under the name Electricross. The business is currently situated in Scotts Valley, close by.


Zero Motorcycles,  manufacturer of electric motorbikes. Raised a total funding of $454M over 51 rounds from 6 investors. The Zero S (street), SR (street racing), FXS (supermoto), DS (dual-sport), DSR (dual-sport racing), FX (motocross), and SR/F are among the Zero electric motorbike models.

The next advancement in motorcycle technology, Zero Motorcycles are the pinnacle of electric motorcycle technology. They are on a mission to turn heads and change their business by fusing the best features of a traditional motorbike with the most cutting-edge technology available today. They are unrestricted by conventional thinking in the way they design, manufacture, and sell high-performance electric motorcycles. As a result, there is an incredibly quick and eco-friendly electric motorcycle line.
Zero Motorcycles (previously Electricross) has been committed to creating the most advanced electric motorbike technology since its founding. Their flagship motorcycle series offers blistering acceleration and speed with adjustable settings for the less aggressive rider. It is designed for both experienced and novice riders. Their bikes stand out from the competitors due to their superior performance, build quality, and dependability.

It was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California.

producer of motorcycles with electric motors designed to enhance riding enjoyment. The company’s motorcycles are built from the ground up to take advantage of the ground-breaking electric powertrain, which produces more torque than sportbikes. They also use an aircraft-grade aluminum frame that is rigidly designed to minimize weight, giving riders access to bikes that are efficient, lightweight, quick to accelerate, and enjoyable to ride.


Starting several years ago with bicycle-themed engineering, the company quickly improved, advancing through various clean-sheet designs before arriving at the latest Zero SR/F, Zero SR, Zero S, Zero DSR, and Zero FX and FXS motorcycles. Completely highway legal, these bikes offer numerous attributes that are comparable to internal-combustion alternatives. For instance, the SR, S, and DS will deliver a claimed 171 miles “city” riding per charge, accelerate briskly to over 95 mph, and handle well. Plus, a built-in Bluetooth function lets you use your smartphone to fine-tune powertrain operation and also as a secondary real-time instrument panel. Zero Motorcycles, Inc. Zero electric motorcycle models include the Zero S (street), SR (street racing), FXS (supermoto), DS (dual-sport), DSR (dual-sport racing), FX (motocross), and SR/F.

other products of zero motorcycle company are;

SR/S Standard Electric Motorbike.

The Zero SR/S is the completely faired peak of the Zero street class, and its aerodynamic fairing and gorgeous profile are clear examples of how it is inspired by modern aerospace design. With all Zero Motorcycles, form follows function, so its well-considered design also improves highway efficiency and range by 13% over the acclaimed SR/F. The more relaxed and upright riding stance of the SR/S provides comfort and style. Equipped with the top-performing Cypher III+ Operating System in the market, it provides a smooth and revolutionary riding experience, with all of the available Cypher Features pre-installed and conveniently accessible. With the SR/S, unleash the ultimate riding adventure.

Zero SR/S
Zero SR/S

Take advantage of unparalleled power and efficiency with the SR/S, powered by the lightning-fast Z-Force 75-10 motor. Discover the electric difference by turning the throttle to release all 140 ft-lb of torque and 110 horsepower at top speed of 124mph. With its largest-ever stock battery capacity 17.3 kWh power pack that charges in 1.1hrs and class-leading performance with range of 171Miles for an exhilarating ride.

The Zero SR/S has a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price of $20,995.

DSR/X Electric Motorcycle.

At the pinnacle of the Zero Dual Sport model line, the purpose-built DSR/X is a genuine adventure machine with cutting-edge technology and a lightweight, sturdy chassis for unmatched capability. Confident control on the trail is ensured by its refined geometry, ergonomic features, and stylish style. Bringing the newest technology even closer, a wide range of tough add-ons are only available for the DSR/X. The DSR/X redefines electric adventure motorcycles by enabling limitless exploration wherever your journey may lead you.

Zero DSR/X
Zero DSR/X

With the DSR/X, you can take your experiences farther than you ever would have imagined. Your range can approach 179Miles when using the biggest capacity battery, the Z-Force 17.3 kWh, in conjunction with the optional Power Tank upgrade.

The Zero DSR/X exudes confidence the instant you lay eyes on it. It easily navigates any terrain because to its amazing 166 ft-lb of torque, upright riding position, high ground clearance, and smooth acceleration provided by Zero’s most recent Z-Force 75-10X direct drive motor. With Bosch’s Offroad Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), the Zero DSR/X is the only electric motorcycle that guarantees control, confidence, and safety in any traction situation. Additionally, it has improved features that make navigating and avoiding obstacles easier, like turn-by-turn navigation, faster charging, a larger battery capacity, and parking mode. The DSR/X is the only electric adventure motorcycle in its class and comes equipped with every Cypher III+ feature possible.

 Zero DSR/X has a MSRP starting at $ 22,995.00. Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) does not include set-up, title, licensing, insurance, state or local registration fees, and freight charges. Does not include added accessories and installation, dealer added options or any additional dealer charges.

FX Electric Motorcycle.

With the Zero FX, unleash the thrill of all-terrain exploration. Constructed based on our tough off-road history, it’s ready to go on your preferred routes and take off when the traffic light changes or the trails call. With its strong Z-Force® drivetrain, sturdy suspension, and dual sport capabilities, the Zero FX bravely overcomes any challenge that stands in its way. Prepare yourself for an incredible journey with the Zero FX’s unbeatable performance.

The Z-Force® batteries from Zero Motorcycles have the highest power and energy density among all EV batteries. With a maximum battery capacity of 7.2 kWh, the Z-Force® 7.2 can travel up to 91 miles in urban areas. The battery has an unlimited mileage, five-year warranty and is built to last. When the seasons prevent you from riding for months at a time, the Zero FX also has Long Term Storage Mode, which maximizes the battery’s level of charge and further enhances long-term battery health.

Zero FX has a MSRP starting at $12,495.00

Zero FXE Electric Motorcycle

Zero FXE MSRP is $12,495

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